Watching the Trump impeachment proceedings in my hotel room in Burgos, the red-light district in Manila, Philippines, after walking back from my business meeting and propositioned by countless ladies of the night, I couldn’t help think of the fact that prostitution is not only the oldest profession, but the oldest metaphor for politics — politicians getting paid to screw their constituents. This is especially true today in America.

Prostitution in America has thrived for as long as anyone who cares to discuss the subject can remember, a subject I discuss at length in my books Custom Maid Spin for New World Disorder and Custom Maid Knowledge for New World Disorder.

Prostitution, like drugs, gambling and human trafficking, played a key role in the early development of America — and has thrived in many state capitols and Washington D.C. to serve the politicians who in turn screw the people that elected them — while supporting their financial backers.

Prostitution has been a part of human society since time immemorial. The Bible talks of “harlots” and every honest history and art book depicts sexual acts, houses of prostitution and prostitutes with politicians.

Even though prostitution is illegal in most states in America, locals, including politicians in Washington D.C., who periodically get busted for doing so, prefer hiring hookers in private Gentlemen’s Clubs or known local massage parlors, the services for which are paid for by their financial backers.

These American politicians, like the prostitutes they like to spend time with to fulfill their sexual desires, promise political gratification to their financial backers in order to fulfill their political demands in exchange for their financial support.

Sexual behavior, morality and the current impeachment proceedings of Trump cannot be led by immoral politicians and their political elites who have been the professions founding and most loyal supporters. The legality of the profession, just like whether President Trump should remain in the White House, should be decided by We the People in local elections, referendums and the 2020 presidential election.

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