We live in and with a New World Disorder. A subject I started writing about at the dawn of the 21st century that has now come to life all around us everywhere I look on any news broadcast.

Living with and through the Hong Kong protests that have become the new normal, while watching more violent protests in Bolivia, Chile, Iran, Iraq, Mexico, Russia, Spain, Tunisia, Venezuela… and the beat goes on… as the U.S. and U.K. self-destruct with their respective impeachment process and Brexit — while drought-driven fires and floods devour Africa, America, Australia, Europe and the sub-continent in Asia — one can only conclude we are living in a strange New World Disorder that has shrunk around us thanks to the Internet and the instant news it delivers in all mediums.

Time for We the People The Maids — to wake up and not only acknowledge the mess around us, but clean it up!

Climate Change is a good place to start now that the issue is front and center in the news. It is one issue that affects all people everywhere no matter what their political points of view are on any political issue consuming their home fronts. Domestic political fights can take their normal political course in each country.

One political issue that cannot is Climate Change.

China and the European Union have agreed to join and lead the war on climate change as the two countries join 195 others in Madrid Spain this week at the U.N. COP25 to map out the next steps in the weather war.

China is the world’s largest producer of greenhouse gases, while the EU is ranked third after the US — heightening the importance of their cooperation after the U.S. withdrew from the Paris Agreement.

The time is long overdue for America to get back in the climate change revolutionary game needed to slow down and stop the new world disorder — and bring about an orderly constructive change before it is too late!

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