The year 2019 witnessed and experienced the world’s most active political dysfunctionality to date. From the Trump election to impeachment in the U.S., Brexit in what we know as the United Kingdom, which now appears to be disuniting, two general elections in Israel resulting in no government and a third election in March 2020, peaceful and violent political protests in Hong Kong, Bolivia, Chile, France, India, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Pakistan, Spain, Turkey, Venezuela and several countries in Africa and Asia.

Social media has united people worldwide against traditional and corrupt government bureaucracies, fake news and political obfuscation.

Speaking of fake news, it has become a public, political and news editor’s nightmare to sift through to figure out the truth. Political facts and the truth have been elusive — actually invisible — until it is too late for most people to digest and realize the self-inflicted delusion, damage and pain. Personally and to country.

One of my New Year resolutions is that We the People We the Maids — sweep out career politicians with their fake news spins and sweep in political facts based on fresh and new ideas. The truth and those that speak the truth. No matter how unpopular or against one’s beliefs it may be.

Political history is replete with revolutionaries speaking the truth against all odds and winning. America’s Founding Fathers and the Constitution they wrote, are THE prime example for today’s revolutionaries to follow. The American revolutionaries questioned, challenged and fought the world’s mightiest military power — and won.

Their patriotic military and political model has been repeated many times over the centuries across the world — and continues today!

Happy, Healthy, Prosperous Fact Based Political 2020 — and fresh faces with new ideas!


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