The rushed and incomplete impeachment process that started in the Democratic controlled House of Representatives that voted to send two articles of impeachment to the Republican controlled Senate, but has yet failed to do so, as both chambers wrangle over whether witnesses should be called to testify at the Senate trial — while Trump is impeached and the House considers additional articles of impeachment — is a new American low that widens the political divide even more as America lumbers into the New Year and 2020 elections. A new low no different than the financial divide between candidates and voters. The 1% versus the 99%.

The stock market and employment are both at all-time highs, as is America’s political divide! Not just between Democrats and Republicans, but Democratic candidates vying for their Party’s nomination to take on Trump.

The debate last week was pathetic. Wine Cave, crystals, millionaires and billionaires arguing among themselves, while accepting money from the very rich donors they criticize, convincing themselves and their supporters that Billionaire Michael Bloomberg should not be allowed to buy the nomination.

What hypocrisy?

What happened to issues?

The well-heeled Democratic contenders for the honor to take on Trump in the presidential race next year are tearing their working class party apart. At the pace and rate they are doing so, I will not be surprised if none of the current contenders have enough delegates to win the Democratic Party nomination and Bloomberg, who much to my surprise, is already polling at 5%, waltzes in and buys up the necessary delegates to win the nomination.

Bloomberg can do that at an open convention! What a political nightmare for the progressive wing of the party. The last such convention was in 1952.

But then again, what is better for capitalist America? Two New York billionaires duking it out or a progressive taking on Trump? Most progressives are millionaires, so I guess at a deadlocked open convention that wants a millionaire to take on billionaire Trump, leaves the door open for Michelle Obama.

With capitalist America’s widening political and economic divide, billionaires and millionaires duking it out at the expense of We the People We the Maids — should not really come as any surprise. Just another mess we have to clean up and pay for.

No different than the Impeachment mess and divide!

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